• Based in The Netherlands and serving wood processing companies around the world...

    We are Marinus, a relatively small family business built around 3 brothers and a father with a vision and a dream. Our passion for developing and building superior machines along with listening to the wishes and needs of our customers has lead us to be the leader in compact, through-feed wood-working machines.

    What do all our machines have in common?

    • Compact, Through-feed machine lines
    • High Capacity
    • Durable
    • Unique production method combinations
    • Competitively priced for fast turn-over for the customer
    • Top Quality production results


    Photo (left to right)
    Founding Directors Frederik Marinus, Johan Klooster and Oene Marinus

  • Keeping Focus

    Being a smaller manufacturer does not make us inferior. On the contrary. It allows us to be flexible, precise and maneuverable with our products and new developments. It also allows for personal contact with each and every customer - every one has a name and not a number! Our worldwide network of partners/dealers break down any language barrier.

    With more than 25 years of experience, we have aimed and succeeded in building machines of excellence; machines that work and are profitable for our customers. Our passion and determination have allowed us to produce great new innovations for the woodworking industry. We can proudly say we always stay ahead of the competition and we are not planning on slowing down!

  • We believe keeping our focus on specific production methods and continually redeveloping, enhancing and re-inventing, is the key to our success.
  • The Marinus Powermax Team

  • A product is only as great as the people who design, develop, build and maintain it.

    Our team of devoted professionals, each with their own specific skills and knowledge are what have made it possible to produce machines of excellence.

    Meet the expert craftsmen behind the Powermax Endmatcher, Finger Jointer and the upcoming new innovations of Marinus.