• Powermax Finger Jointer Advanced Adhesive System

  • Mixon – Trusted specialist and partner in Wood adhesive technology

    Designed and developed together with our partner, Mixon, the Powermax Finger jointer is equipped with a custom made, flexible glue application system. The Powermax-Mixon joint adhesive system has been built seamlessly into the Finger Jointing machine allowing the glue applications to be custom programmed to fit the woodworking company’s demands. 

  • Glue/Adhesive type and application method options

    Based on the end-product, wood processing companies have their own professional opinion of what type of adhesive should be used and how it should be applied to the joint of wood boards in the finger jointing process. The Powermax Finger Jointer has the flexibility to meet your company’s demands.

    The Finger Jointing system allows for almost any combination of glue types and application methods enabling the Wood processing company to choose the best methods to fit their needs. The initial choice made is flexible, so if the company decides to change the method, that can easily be manipulated in the Finger Jointer’s system.

  • Flexible Adhesive Application methods

    The glue is applied to the joint of the wood planks with a glue matrix. The adhesive liquid can be applied either on one side of the finger joint or on both sides of the jointed boards.

    This flexibility allows for any desired gluing combination whether it be single or double sided applications.

  • Glue type flexibility

    One component ‘white glue’ or combinations of two component glues – premixed or divided applications – this is all possible with the Powermax Finger Jointer.

    Application/gluing possibilities of the Powermax Finger Jointer:
    - One component- or two component adhesives
    - Two component adhesives, mixed adhesive application
    - Two component adhesives, separate adhesive application
    - One sided or two sided application

  • Professional service, advice and cost efficiency

    Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different glue application types and techniques?  If requested, we will provide you an analysis and recommendation of what type of adhesive product and what method would be best meet your needs. This recommendation will be based on effectiveness and cost efficiency for your end product, without loss of quality.

  • Mixon - Gluing technologies

    Mixon is our partner for new innovations on gluing technologies., Knowing the ins and outs of our system and experiencing the Marinus vision and development of this new innovation makes them the perfect partner.