• Defecting in the Finger Jointer

  • The Powermax Finger Jointer Machine Line is unique because of the multiple production methods it offers in one compact machine.

    The combination of board end profiling/finger jointing and defecting makes this a truly unique concept.

    Defecting is achieved by 2 cross cut saws. Speed of cutting is steplessly adjustable by means of servo technique. Milling motors equipped with high tech cutter heads ensure an accurate Finger Joint profile.

  • Defect crayon mark identification

    Luminescent-Crayons-Finger-Jointer-Defect-Saw-LineDefecting is made easy and accurate with the convenient Crayon Mark Identification method. Powermax sensors detect the marked boards instructing the system where the board should be sawed. The marks are done with special Luminescent Crayons.

  • Waste Belt Conveyor

    Conveniently, any residual wood left over after defecting will fall directly onto the Waste Belt Conveyor with drive motor.