• Powermax Finger Jointer & Defecting Saw

  • New Finger Jointer machine line for horizontal wood processing

    The Powermax Finger Jointer is an advanced machine line for profiling, gluing and horizontal finger jointing of wooden parts.

    Machine line consists of a profiling machine, glue applicator, press and crosscut saw. Boards of variable length are worked with a fingerjoint profile in the profile machine. During the return stroke of the carriage, glue is applied on both ends. Next the parts are brought together and pressed. Finaly the crosscut saw cuts the parts to a preset fix length.

    powermax.endmatcherFinger Joint Milling
    powermax.endmatcherGlue application
    powermax.endmatcherSawing to length

  • Powermax Finger Jointer Features

    powermax.endmatcherDefecting / Finger Joint Profiling / Gluing & Pressing / Sawing to length in 1 Machine-line!
    powermax.endmatcherAdvanced Servo Drive & Control Technique
    powermax.endmatcherUnique combination of production methods
    powermax.endmatcherAllows boards up to 300mm wide
    powermax.endmatcherDefect crayon mark identification
  • Functional Specifications

    Descr Value
    Lengths: 450 - 6000+ mm
    Widths:50 - 300 mm
    Thicknesses:8 - 45 mm
  • Power Options

    Remote Support/Management System
  • Finger Jointer Videos