• Unique Profile Tools – Tongue & Groove

  • A strong, efficient and flexible Tooling system is the Power of any Endmatching machine


    Striving to meet our customer’s needs, Marinus integrates ‘State of the Art All-in-1 Profile Tools’ in the Powermax Endmatcher system.

  • Easy, flexible adjustment

    The tooling technique used allows machine engineers to adjust the profile dimensions relatively easy.

    By implementing this compact tooling mechanism, the Powermax profiling system mills a complete profile with one working stroke where as many tooling systems still use several tools for each segment of the profile. There is no denying that this flexible, high tech Tooling system translates to Maximum speed efficiency.

  • Understanding how it is constructed

    The tooling system consists of rings with carbide inserts, where each 'ring' is responsible for 1 part of the profile cuts.
    This flexible technique enables machinists to optimally adjust the board profile end-result to fit their needs.

    Between each layer, a series of spacers can be removed/added allowing the machine operator to adjust the positioning of each layer where the needed profile can be created and they are used to adjust the profile tooling to match the desired thickness of the wood plank to be processed.

  • Carbide Tips

    On the tip of each ring, you will find the easily removable "carbide tips".

    Standard tips can be used efficiently for an average of 2 months with most standard wood types.

    If your organization works with Extreme hard wood planks, such as the Australian Ironbark, the tips can be easily replaced with diamond cut tips.

  • The specially designed tooling of the Powermax Endmatcher & Defect Saw is definitely a primary element, proving again that it is THE most powerful, efficient, compact Endmatching & Defecting system offered in the throughfeed machine market.

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