• Unique combination of production methods

  • Defecting & Endmatching in one Compact Through-Feed machine line

    The Powermax Endmatcher is quite unique because of its compactness and combination of production methods. The Through-Feed based machine combines Crayon-mark plank defecting with precise milling Endmatching methodes. This combination allows a processing company to produce quickly and efficiently with use of one machine.

  • Understanding the Powermax Endmatcher Processes

  • Through-feed

    The Endmatching and Defecting process of the machine works as illustrated above. The machinist will place the boards upon the through-feed conveyor system, marking any defects that should be removed. The plank is then pulled into the machine. During feeding, the wood plank is scanned by the crayon identification/detection system communicating to the machine precisely where the defects within the board must be sawed.

  • Board sawing and milling process begins

    Once the board has reached the first stop position, firm side-pushers assure optimal stability of the product and absolute squareness. Defects are cut out by continuously clamping, cutting, releasing, feeding and again clamping. Larger defects require multiple cuts. The waste is then dropped to the underlying motorized conveyor belt and fed out of the machine. Finally, the remaining good product is endmatched, male and female, resulting in clean, precise tongue and groove board end profiles. 

    The multiple processing methods are completed and ready for the next board within tenths of a second. The processed board is expedited with the conveyor system ready for transport.

  • Video Powermax Endmatcher Processes