• Powermax Remote Support/Management System

  • Faulty settings is one of the main causes of machine downtime, leading to profit losses and frustration.
    The online based Powermax Remote Electronic Management System opens the door to quick solutions for software related problems and faulty settings within the system.

  • Because Marinus aims to offer a secure and complete customer support worldwide, they have invested much effort and has successfully found a way to integrate an extensive remote support system into both the Powermax Endmatcher and the Powermax Finger Jointer lines. 

  • When ordering the machine, it is certainly worth considering including this Powerful Option which will save your company a great deal of time, frustration and money.

    The remote support option, when chosen, can be built into your machine at the moment of manufacturing. Once the small mechanism has been implemented into the machine electronics system, the only thing you need is an internet connection to the machine.

  • With just a phone call, Marinus engineers are able to accommodate you by taking complete control of the machine driving software (including the digital control panel).