• No Splintering / Blowouts

  • To prevent boards from splintering during the profile milling process...

    Marinus has developed their own custom tooling system that uniquely combines Carbide Shearing tips, Chipbreaker blocks and ultimate board support through pneumatical pressing.

  • How does it achieve clean, splinter free profiling?

    The Powermax Tooling is equipped with carbide shearing tips insuring no blowouts on either the top nor the bottom surface of the boards.

    The backside of the board is supported by special chipbreaker blocks. These custom blocks protect the area of the board where the tools 'exit' the plank during the Milling process. Optimal results are achieved through pneumatically pressing the blocks against the board during the Endmatching operation. 

  • Side bevels? NO Problem!

    Side bevels can sometimes be a problem for endmatcher systems because of instability issues. This is not the case with the Powermax. Self-aligning chipblocks used in the Powermax system guarantee the support needed to accommodate side beveled boards during the milling process. There is thus always support in the right places!