• High Profile Accuracy

  • Guaranteed 100% profile accuracy is achieved through a combination of special techniques and high technological components used in the Powermax.

  • Old techniques vs. Modern 

    In contradiction to old-fashioned double end tenoners - where the tools were static and the product moved unsteadily along the processing area - the Powermax holds the board firmly in place while the tooling is in motion during the tongue & groove milling process. This modern technique together with precise height positioning of the wood is what supports the 100% accuracy.

  • Precise height positioning

    The precise height positioning is achieved through use of the high-tech servo during the woodworking process. The cutter-heads are mounted on high precision linear bearings and move along the reference lists as close as possible to minimize the effect of curved boards.

  • Absolute Squareness

  • For a high quality endmatch, 100% squareness of the boards is an absolute must. The Powermax consists of independent firm side-pushers for both infeed and outfeed side. These side-pushers are pneumatically actuated and press the boards sideways to a fixed fence in the machine every time boards are worked. The fixed fence line consists of heavy steel bars which are very precisely aligned and connected to the machine frame.