• High Capacity – Fast Supply

  • The Powermax Endmatcher is the fastest, most efficient Defecting & Endmatching machine in the market using the flexible 'Through-feed' method.

    One of the unique features of the through-feed, Powermax Endmatcher is it's production speed. The standard model of the Powermax Endmatcher can produce up to 24 planks per minute.

  • What makes the Powermax Faster?

    Due to high speed milling motors of 12,000 rpm in combination with our own special custom built tools and servo steered feeding, we can offer optimised milling conditions for almost every thinkable situation.

    Both saw cuts, by infeed and outfeed, are equipped with and supported by a reliable and accurate servo technique. This gives the opportunity to make very fast cuts when high capacity is required. For higher quality jobs and/or critical wood species, speed can be easily decreased for the best result.

  • What capacity can you expect from the Powermax?

    If you are interested in knowing exactly what to expect from the Powermax Endmatcher, feel free to contact Marinus.

    Based on a few questions such as wood species, profile type and other specific details, Marinus can provide an accurate custom calculation.